Island Wide Transportation



  • 14ft Box-Up Truck ( 3 Tons Truck)
  • 14ft Open Truck ( 3 Tons Truck)
  • 24ft Open Truck ( 6 Tons Truck)
  • 24ft Canopy Truck ( 6 Tons Truck)
  • 24ft Canopy Tailgate Truck (10 Tons Truck)
  • 24ft Box-up Tailgate Truck ( 10 Tons Truck)
  • Prime Mover with 40 Canopy Bed ( 22 Tons)
EVO Logistics Pte Ltd provide a fleet of trucks ranging from covered vans, covered trucks, power tailgate trucks, container prime movers, platforms, low bed and trucks with crane of various tonnages, to handle a wide range of products regardless of weight or bulk for all clearance and deliveries. Our trucks are fully insured to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may exist. All our field personnel are equipped with Electronic tools incorporating GPS (global positioning system), GIS (geographic information systems), onboard diagnostics, and latest emerging software that allow for more efficient management, routing, monitoring, dispatch, and maintenance of fleet vehicles that enable them to be in constant and immediate contact with operation personnels.